TTL5 Dental loupes has new mini round ancient design which could reduces weight while ensuring a wide field of view. Custom crafted system eliminates unnecessary hardware to streamline your magnifier to reduce weight and making it only 38 grams which offers comfortable experience all day.
TTL5 loupes is available in 2.5x and 3.0x magnification to meet most dental operation needs. It is most convenient for doctors who need to use loupes with Led headlight system for long time practice.
Mounting Options:Through-the-Lens
Magnification Power: 2.5x, 3.0x
Field Width:90-110 mm (2.5x) ,80-100 mm (3.0x)
Field Depth:120-160 mm (2.5x) ,110-150 mm (3.0x)
Working Distance:Customized to each user
Declination Angle:Customized to each user
Weight*:38g(2.5x), 41g(3.0x) (Weight measured based on Standard 56276 series frame)
Frame Options:
Sport frame: E sport frame, D sport frame
TR frame: AM56276, AM54118
Aluminum frame:AM161, AM503, AM549
Titanium Aluminum frame:AM238
Alu-mag frame: AM559, AM630,AM640
Case Options

Metal case锛坆lack锛?/td> Leather case Small Aluminum case E锛坒or loupes and lights锛?/td>
Packing Details

Leather case A
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Cleaning cloth
Glasses bags
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