Used Film, TV and Photographic Gear - Our Thoughts

The rate of turnover on new equipment these days is incredibly fast.

In the 'old days' equipment had a fairly respectable shelf life and technicians could expect to pay the gear off and then make a decent living by making the gear work for them until they could sell it on - still at a decent market rate - and move onto the next piece of gear they wanted to replace it with.

The current pace of technology dictates that the replacement time for new gear is far shorter than it used to be. it seems like that no sooner than you have purchased a nice and shiny bit of gear, that the manufacturer already has the next model about to be released! This significantly shortens a piece of gear's working life, making it redundant far quicker.

At Gear Junkie we realised this was happening a long time ago and that this would create a problem for technicians and creatives that own their own gear and that they would need a place to sell their equipment, so we decided to build the website to facilitate an easier gear shifting process.

The other side of the coin is the fact that these days there are a lot of people that produce film, TV or corporate productions - online or web based, that may need access to 'reduced cost' equipment due to their 'reduced cost' budgets!

Gear Junkie is a brilliant place to find amazing bargains in terms of used film, TV or photographic gear. Equipment that has been pre-loved and used at the highest end of film or TV production, or from a professional photographer that is looking to replace their gear, who knows, you may end up owning a piece of equipment that has been used to film celebrities, that has been up the highest mountain, done amazing things. You can move it on to the next stage of it's professional life!

We live in a very materialistic world and we throw away lots of things. Using Gear Junkie is also a way for us to keep using good gear that is perfectly working, mechanically sound and has lots of life still left in it, and give it a new lease on life. If we can throw away less and re-use more, we can actually make a difference and at the same time help creatives with slimmer budgets to keep creating!  

The Gear Junkie team is 100% committed to providing an excellent portal to enable a seamless movement of gear from owner to buyer and keep everyone creating amazing content.