Gear Junkie Terms of Use:

The website is a listings advertising site. - otherwise known as Gear Junkie, warrants that no stock or equipment listed on the site is held by Gear Junkie or any of its administrators. All the listings are owned and held by other persons. Acceptance of any listing to the database does not guarantee sale or provision of any item, and no responsibility will be accepted by or its administrators for the failure of or for an unsuccessful transaction resulting from an introduction by Gear Junkie or its administrators, whichever the case may be.

Gear Junkie reserves the right not to accept or publish any listing for whatever reason. Where a listing is accepted, Gear Junkie reserves the right to amend or alter that listing. Gear Junkie reserves the right to withdraw a listing at any time for any reason.

All listings are taken on the condition that the Purchaser will contact the Seller directly and Gear Junkie will have no involvement in any sale whatsoever. Gear Junkie are not responsible for any listing being correct or factual and it is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that prior to purchase they are satisfied the item is in the order they are expecting. All financial transactions involved with the purchase will be performed exclusively between the Seller and Purchaser, will take no commission or have any interest in the sale price.

While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of all listings on the Web Site, publication is made in good faith and reliant solely upon information given by the advertisers. Therefore Gear Junkie cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies or omissions should they occur. Neither can Gear Junkie be held responsible for the condition or suitability of the said listed items.

Privacy Policy

We do not store customer credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties. 

We will take all necessary appropriate steps to protect your privacy. Whenever you provide information we will take reasonable steps to protect it. When you provide payment information on Gear Junkie, this information is entered into a securely encrypted window provided by PayPal. We will take reasonable security measures to protect your personal information in storage and they will not be sold to third parties.

When you contact a Buyer or Seller via the website or app then we may in some circumstances pass on your contact information (email and / or phone) to the other party so they are able to contact you directly, by contacting a Seller you are giving us permission to do this.

Delivery Policy

Gear Junkie is not responsible for any deliveries. The sale price of goods is negotiated between Buyer and Seller and they are responsible for negotiating the delivery process.


Gear Junkie offers a chargeable subscription for listings services. All subscriptions are for a twelve month period and renews automatically unless we are notified.


When images are uploaded to Gear Junkie then Gear Junkie automatically becomes entitled to use that image wherever it wishes for the purpose of marketing the site, publication, services and offerings. Anyone downloading or copying images from the website will require permission to use. The term 'image' refers to equipment, news, students, gallery and any other file that is a graphic or photographic file.


No adverts will be accepted that contain language or pictures unsuitable for a public site or likely to cause offence to viewers.


No item is to be offered for sale unless the Seller has full ownership rights to the item, there are no claims or monies outstanding on the item, and no third party has any title, right, or claim to the item. The Seller further guarantees that he or she is absolutely free to sell or otherwise dispose of the item being offered for sale.

If a Seller, or their agents, no longer want to sell an item, have sold the item elsewhere or otherwise disposed of any item listed with Gear Junkie, they must remove the listing from their online account. This is done by logging on to Gear Junkie website and cancelling the listing.

All advertisers authorise Gear Junkie to reveal to a prospective Buyer or prospective Seller, their name, telephone number, e-mail address, verbally, or in writing, or by letter, or by e-mail, or by automated process at Gear Junkie will always ask permission before divulging contact details to any other third party. Advertisers are solely responsible for the contact details they wish to be published on their profile on


The Gear Junkie website may store web browser cookies for the length of your session on the Gear Junkie website. Gear Junkie cookies are not transmitted to third party websites.

You also agree that the Gear Junkie website uses Google Analytics cookies, to track all usage of the Gear Junkie website. Neither Gear Junkie nor Google can identify you from these cookies and the data collected is anonymous. The information gathered is solely used by Gear Junkie to provide us with a better overall understanding of how the website is used.


Gear Junkie may provide a data entry facility whereby Gear Junkie staff enter lists of products for sale on the advertisers behalf. At no time does Gear Junkie accept any responsibility whatsoever for the accuracy of this data entry and it remains the advertisers responsibility to check these adverts for accuracy and amend if necessary. Gear Junkie staff will take every possible care to ensure errors are minimal.

Gear Junkie reserves the right to change, amend or remove any listing at any time which in its sole discretion is deemed unsuitable for this site. If listings are changed or removed you will be notified.

Banner Advertising

At any time Gear Junkie may offer a paid for banner advertising serice. Gear Junkie reserves the right to remove these banners at anytime without notice to the advertiser. Gear Junkie will take all precautions possible to ensure that any banner shown on the site remains on the site for the duration paid for, however in the event of a server problem or other problem outside the control of Gear Junkie we will not accept responsibility for any loss whether direct or indirectly related whatsoever.

Banner Delivery Policy: Gear Junkie will provide the advertising facility within 7 working days or at a time agreed in writing between Gear Junkie and the advertiser.

Banner Replacement: If the customer is not satisfied with the banner artwork, the customer must notify Gear Junkie within 2 days of the banner advert appearing on the site. Gear Junkie will replace the artwork with a different image as supplied by the customer.

Banner Cancellation/Refund: When Gear Junkie receives a payment for an order then, it can not be cancelled. 
Once an order is received and actioned by Gear Junkie, then there will be no refund to the customer.


Listings will remain on the users account for 60 days after upload / purchase. Gear Junkie are continually adding new features to the site and as such may add further enhancements to the listings, in this case current listings may not be exchanged for new style ones unless the new software / interface requires this to happen.

It is the Sellers’ responsibility to ensure all information is correct before adding a listing to the website. Sellers may edit their listings at any time via their account profile log-in.

Gear Junkie reserve the right to remove any listing that in its sole discretion deems unsuitable for the site.

All payments are handled by PAYPAL and all amounts will include VAT at the current rate at checkout.


When you subscribe to our service and pay for a new listing on our website, the listing is live. Due to the instant nature of the service, no are refunds available.


All purchasers will be charged VAT at the current UK rate.

Faulty Goods

If you believe your goods to be faulty or any other reason that means you need to return the goods to a Seller , then you must:

Inform Gear Junkie that the goods you received were not in the condition as advertised by the Seller and provide proof of the condition (photographs etc).

Contact the Seller and let them know of the issue, send them your proof of the condition of the goods and arrange return to them (Gear Junkie is not responsible for ANY shipping costs, this must be arranged between Buyer and Seller).

The responsibility for returning the goods is yours, please always ensure you have adequate insurance for shipping goods back.

In all cases where goods need to be returned, unregistered (if new) and packed complete with all accessories, software and manuals in the original manufacturers packaging and then packed in an additional outer box or covering to ensure that the product and its original packaging are returned without damage.

Please note that Gear Junkie will accept no liability for loss or damage that may occur to goods being shipped between Seller and Buyer and therefore we recommend that customers always undertake additional insurance with their chosen carrier as a precautionary measure.


Gear Junkie may at any time offer a review service. Upon submitting a review, Gear Junkie reserve the right to edit and/or remove content which in the sole discretion of Gear Junkie is deemed to not be required for the review. The review may appear on the Gear Junkie website or in the Newsletter emails, in either full or part.

Any images sent with the review may also be used by Gear Junkie or replaced with other images if more suitable images can be found. The person submitting the content remains responsible for ensuring all copyright remains with them or can be used by them and this permission is passed to Gear Junkie for the use of the review. By accepting these conditions the author also agrees that Gear Junkie may use his or her name, company and location. Gear Junkie agrees to positively promote the author and his or her company with relevant contact information and images if appropriate.


Any information provided to Gear Junkie will only be used to provide you with a better service. Your right to privacy is very important. Gear Junkie may provide links to third party sites, since we do not control those websites, we encourage you to review the privacy policies of these third party sites.

Some examples of information Gear Junkie will collect are name, address and phone number. If you sign up for a Gear Junkie electronic newsletter or e-mail list, each message will include instructions on how to "unsubscribe" from that list. We give you the opportunity to elect not to receive materials from us.

Any information that Gear Junkie needs to store and process will be carried out on secure databases.

Personal Information

You can help Gear Junkie maintain the accuracy of your information by updating your profile at any appropriate time. If at any time you wish to stop receiving an electronic newsletter from Gear Junkie you can unsubscribe as explained in the email or editing your profile accordingly.

You can contact us at any time on at any time to assist with removal, update or other queries in relation to your personal data.