Tokina ATX 80-200 f/2.8 Fully manual Zoom Lens EF mount!

This beautiful lens has been modified from its original FD mount to an EF mount. It's compatible with all EF mount cameras and will work via an E/EF adaptor with Sony A series cameras, Sony's FS5, FS7 as well as Canon. It is of course fully manual. No autofocus, no auto iris, no IS. But that makes it great for video work. The lens has excellent optics and has been compared to the Canon 70-200 L lenses in quality.

The modifications were carried out by Eddie Houston a.k.a The Lens Doctor in February 2017 at which point he also stripped and cleaned the lens and replaced the corrector lenses. The lens is de-clicked which means it has a smooth fluid variable aperture. It is also close to parfocal if you zoom carefully.  If you hanker after a fully manual zoom lens you will enjoy this.

It comes with the original leather case and lens hood. The hood has suffered a tiny crack at some point (see photo) but this has been well repaired and is barely noticeable. It has no practical effect on the operation. The lens caps are now both Canon ones as the front was lost and the rear needed to change when it became an EF mount. Inspection is welcome at my home in Richmond (SW London).

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