The HDx1.4 adapts B4-mount video lenses to cover a single sensor, 2/3rds chip block, Super16 sized sensor. Magnifying the image slightly and correcting for the lack of a prism. This allows coverage of 1080p on the Phantom Flex4K, 2K or 1080p on the Sony F5 or F55, and 1080p on the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, with a loss of just one stop of light.

I have used this on my Sony F5 for 7 days on one shoot. The shoot was for a TV observational documentary and needed the flexibility and speed of the trusty and still very good Canon HJ series of lenses. Particularly the HJ14, allowing a good wide shot and a tight without the need to change the lens.

The expensive super 35mm zooms may have a glamorous reputation and 'film look' but lack the flexibility of the HJ lenses for shoots that require speed of reaction and minimum fuss. Basically, they don't go as wide or as tight as the HJ wide angle zooms!

The advantage of this adapter over others, including the HDX35, is that it is shorter and so your camera/lens doesn't end up ridiculously long and ungainly.

They are a cost effective solution to extending the useful life of the B4 mount lenses. Reasonably priced against other adapters retailing at £4000 to £5000!

These are ideal too for sports coverage where B4 lenses are still popular. Particularly long lenses. Skysport camera operators have bought many of these, which is what persuaded me to buy this one.

I have taken a risk and replaced this with one of the £4000-£5000 adapters mentioned above! Hence selling this one.

It really is in mint condition, perfect glass with a tiny bit of wear on the paint of the mount ring where a lens has touched during a lens change.

I can send by Royal Mail Special Delivery within the UK.

For international buyers, please contact me for a quote (probably Royal Mail International Tracked at £15).

Or buyer can collect from Twickenham

This is advertised elsewhere on other camera kit sales sites and I reserve the right to remove this from the auction at any time.

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