All functioning as a camera. Used condition. 1738 laser hours.

Has a few scuffs, scrapes and wear to the body but these are very robust cameras. This is why they're still being used on many TV shows like The Apprentice and in extreme conditions on survival shows.

This is my personal camera as a professional cameraman and not from a hire facility. So has had careful use from me.

I'm including:
HDVF-20A viewfinder
Top mic with Rycote fluffy
Chroziel attachment for quick release tripod plates
Matte box bar attachment
Sony memory stick
7 discs (possibly more when I have a look in my storage)

It has had a new side LCD screen fitted.

There are some small mostly cosmetic issues. These can be fixed and replaced, but they haven't affected my use of the camera so I didn't do this.
These are:
-  small chips and rubs to the paint on the body. Mostly from use and where various attachments and things have been taped on for filming (audio equipment/timecode equipment/transmitters etc).
- the rubber cheek pad has wear from use
- the disc access door opens perfectly, but it needs a firm close/gentle squeeze to engage the locking hook on the mechanism. Has been like this for years. Perhaps all it needs is some adjustment.
- the side door over the audio adjustment knobs doesn't stay closed. This is usually taped shut over the audio knobs anyway to avoid the audio being adjusted by accident. Some people remove this door completely.
- the side screen is new but there is a slight rub mark on the perspex cover. This doesn't affect the functioning of the screen in any way.
- finally and most recently, the rubber on the handle has come away from the handle underside at the front. I believe an over zealous assistant has fixed a monitor clamp here and over tightened it to crush the rubber mounting frame. Was taped up and working so I haven't noticed this in over a year until I took the tape off!

For Courier: Unboxed Camera weight 5.5kg. Discs if wanted are 1.5kg = 7kg
Ideally collected from Twickenham but can work out courier or delivery if necessary at buyers expense.

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