Based on different material, there are many types of mixing, shearing, dispersing vessels or compound vessels to be selected. We could design the agitator type based on customer material property.
1Dosing systemPowder feeding tank1 setVolume: 150L; Material: SS304; Mirror polished
Powder feeding tank1 set
Volume: 150L; Material: SS304; Mirror polished
Latex feeding tank1 set
Volume: 150L; Material: SS304; Mirror polished
Vacuum butter tank1 set
Volume: 15L; Material: SS304; Mirror polished
Vacuum pump1 set
4kw, water-ring vacuum pump
2Dispersing systemDisperser1 set15kw, 0-1440rpm, frequency control, mechanical seal
Dispersing vessel1 set
600L, single layer; SS304; Mirror polished; Vacuumized
3Milling systemBasket mill1 set22kw, 0-1440RPM, Frequency control, mechanical seal
Grinding vessel1 set
600L, double layer with cooling jacket, SS304, mirror polished, vacuumized
4Tinting systemPaddle Mixer1 set5.5KW, 65rpm, with seal configuration
Tinting vessel1 set
1200L, single layer, SS304, mirror polished, vacuumized
5Conveying systemDiaphragm pump1 setDN40 pneumatic diaphragm pump
Filter1 set
Quick-open type bag filter, SS304, mirror polished
Air compressor1 set
Air supply offered by customer (customer prepare)
Filling machine1 set
Semi-automatic paint filling machine
6Operation platformOperation platform1 set5x3x1.8(m), stainless steel handrail, pattern aluminum platform
7Control systemElectrical cabinets1 setComposite structure, with on-site operation box to realize operation near machine
8PipelinesPipelines & Valves1 setSanitary ball valve and pipeline, mirror polishing, stainless steel flexible hose for inner lining
Application Working Site
Production And PackingChina Production Line

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