Industrial gas heat - conducting oil boiler
Boiler specifications: 3 million, 6 million, 8 million, 12 million, 18 million, etc.
I. Introduction of enterprises and products
Hebei Hongze Boiler Manufacturing Co., LTD gathers excellent technical team such as welder, riveter, machining, coil plate, automatic welding, nondestructive testing, physical and chemical testing, etc., forming a strong technical development and production force.
In order to improve product quality, from raw material procurement to each production link strictly control the quality, every batch of materials into the factory to carry out strict testing, prevent unqualified materials into the production link, the requirement of every process qualified rate to reach 100%, 100% product delivery qualified rate, ensure to provide customers with safe and reliable high-quality products!
Intelligent operation, high efficiency and energy saving, small floor area, easy to use, meet the requirements of environmental protection! The thermal efficiency is as high as 95%, the combustion thermal efficiency is as high as 99%, and the flow resistance of the soda water system is small. The burner adopts the international famous brand and the advanced automatic control system, the computer program controls the combustion automatic adjustment, makes the boiler combustion more stable operation convenient, the operation is safe and reliable.
Ii. Efficient and considerate service:
Pre-sales service: technical consultation at any time, patient guidance and communication;
Sales service: help customers to design layout, reasonable layout and guide the construction.
After-sales service: always pay attention to and help every customer solve all the problems in the process of using our products.Gas Fired Thermal Oil Boiler manufacturers

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