L Bar Full Automatic PVC / POF Film Heat Shrink Wrap Machine
FL-5545TBA is a fully automatic and unmanned "L" sealing and cutting machine.It is widely used in the flow-line operation of mass production and packaging.It has high working efficiency, automatic film conducting system and manually adjusted feeding and conveying platform.It is suitable for products with different widths and heights. a close connection function is optional.
Product Paramenters
Voltage220/110V 50/60HZ 1P
speed500-900 packs/hour
Machine sizeL1685*W828*H1480mm
Machine Weight225kg
Use of contractile membranesPOF
Power supply220/380V 50/60Hz 3P
Speed900-1500 packs/hour
Maximum packing size700*350*200mm
Machine sizeL1300*W700*H1465mm
Machine weight260kg
Shrink filmPOF
Features of Shrink Wrapping Machine
1.Knife using electroplating Teflon coating antistick high temperature resistant aluminum alloy cutting knife,sealing will not crack, not coke,no smoke pollution.
2.The Japanese Mitsubishi PLC controller,man-machine interface interactive system.
3.Equipped with imported detection photoelectric,horizontal and vertical detection in each group,convenient switching selection, can be easily completed sealing wrapping operation.
4.Automatic feeding,length also can through the electronic eye and timer combination, automatically adjust.With the induction motor,automatic coiling wastes.
5.Temperature controller uses the original Taiwan digital display temperature controller, built-in PID function.
6.Extremely sensitive and accurate temparature sealing knife,can be set at will and do not worry about temperature is not accurate to hurt the products,sealing knife also carries its own automatic protection function, effectively prevent false cutting wrapping goods.
7.The set of machine truly realize the connection to the production line of unmanned operation.Fully Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine

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